Southeast seventh-day adventist church Cleveland, OH
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jerome hurstHello Family,


There are certain times in life when challenging circumstances, difficult conditions or unexpected occurrences cause us to ask the question, "Why this...why now?" There are times when we do not understand what God is doing or why, and we begin to feel a sense of questioning and desperation. These are the times when our security and our well-being are challenged, and when life as we know it is upended for reasons that we do not understand.


In times like these, there are some important things that we must recognize. First, life comes with problems. Jesus told His disciples, "In this life, you will have tribulation." This simply means that life for none of us will be a bed of roses. We must experience some suffering. Second, we must remain prayerful and not become fearful or fretful. Worry fixes nothing. It simply makes a bad situation worse. Beside, worrying actually makes us physically ill, and most of the things that we worry about never happen. Finally, remember when you walk with God, you never have to face obstacles or challenges alone. God is always with you to help you through whatever the difficulty may be.


So, instead of spending time questioning "why," spend your time drawing ever closer to God. As it has been said, "The person who is intimate with God is intimidated by nothing." Get closer to God today and see how much better your journey will be!


Walking in faith,


Pastor  J.M. Hurst

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Sign Language Class and Choir Tuesday, Dec 18 @ 6:30 PM
Prayer Meeting Wednesday, Dec 19 @ 6:30 PM
Pastor Jerome Hurst Saturday, Dec 22 @ 11:30 AM
Sign Language Class and Choir Tuesday, Dec 25 @ 6:30 PM

Southeast Seventh-Day
Adventist Church

16602 Tarkington Ave.
Cleveland OH 44128

Office: (216) 662-3080

Saturday Schedule
9:00 am Power Hour
10:00 am Sabbath School (Bible Study)
11:30 am Divine Worship Service

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