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jerome hurstHello Family,


When I was young, I remember hearing folks in the church say "more prayer, more power." In those days, it sounded good to me, but I had no clue what its true meaning and impact could be on the Christian life. I often wondered why some believers seemed to have so much spiritual depth and maturity and why others seemed weak and fragile. I later learned the power of a vibrant prayer life and just what kind of impact that it can have. As Christ Followers, all of us need more power-power to live lives pleasing in God's sight and power to do the work and respond to the call of God, as we hear God speaking to us.


A healthy and vital prayer life is the key to moving beyond the mundane and the ordinary in our relationship with God. It is necessary to our truly being able to hear God's voice. It is what is required for us to be fully and totally surrendered to the will and purpose of God. God desires to hear from us and to speak to us. God desires a deep, profound and fulfilling relationship with us. This comes through our prayer life. One of the other old adages about prayer is, "Prayer changes things." The most important thing that prayer changes is you. When you pray, you are transformed. Your faith is increased, and your opportunities are expanded. These are just some of the blessings and benefits of a healthy prayer life.


How is your prayer life going? Are you in regular, constant communication with God, or do you just talk to God when you need something? Are your prayers regularly answered or do they seem pointless to you? These are the questions that we must ask ourselves, before we can establish a healthy prayer life. If you desire the power that God has in store for you, then begin to pray faithfully, fervently, and feverishly. There is no such thing as too much prayer. The great fathers of the faith, Martin Luther, St. Augustine, and many others, prayed numerous hours daily. They understood the need for prayer if we are to be effective instruments in the hand of God.


Determine today that you will increase the time that you spend in the presence of God. Pray every time you think about it. Pray whenever you are tempted to worry. Pray whenever you need God, and pray whenever you think of God's goodness to you. I promise you that you will be surprised at the power, the presence, and the praise that you will experience, as you dig deeply into the experience of prayer.


In a Prayerful Place,


-- Pastor J. M. Hurst

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