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Vessels Vote GOTV initiative
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VESSELS are people of faith -- clergy, pastors, ministry and community leaders, men, women and young adults -- firmly committed to increasing civic participation in communities that traditionally have been disenfranchised or discriminated against.


VESSELS provides a non-partisan way to engage in the political process that resonates with the identity of faith communities.


VESSELS stand firmly against apathy, disengagement and voter suppression tactics.


Southeast has teamed up with a number of church throughout Cleveland to create opportunities to conduct non-partisan voter registration, voter information and voter (issue) education to maximize the participation of informed voting age African Americans in the electoral process in the 2016 national election.


Southeast had a team of workers participate in voter verification efforts, door to door canvassing, making phone calls, and providing rides to voting during the early voting season as well as day of election.


Pastor Hurst states, "Voting is the conerstone of democracy but sadly far to few people vote. We are doing all we can to encourage every eligible voter to Get Out And Vote during early voting or on election day"


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