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Women's International Day of Prayer
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On Sabbath, March 4, 2017, Southeast SDA Church celebrated Women’s International Day of Prayer with a luncheon sponsored by Hannah’s Ministry. Under the leadership of Kharinne Shinaul-Billington, Hannah’s Ministry presented the themes of the power of prayer and encouragement. The women of Southeast also wore the color red that day to bring awareness to the gravity of women’s heart disease.


Words of encouragement and witness to the power of prayer poured from the hearts of the guest speakers through their testimonies.


women 1


Elder Deborah A Hill, author of ‘The Power of Encouragement: Determinations that Define Your Destiny,’ spoke to attendees about the challenge-filled journey she traveled to write and publish her book. Ms. Hill’s life experiences have also been punctuated by disappointments and adversity. She strongly emphasized the obstacles she has faced over the years. But she never gave up and she encouraged the women in attendance to keep going.


In a quote from her book, Elder Hill stated, "Staying stuck in Nowhere is never an option especially when you have the skills, knowledge, and talent to take you to the Somewhere you have never been." Always enthusiastic and positive, Elder Hill left the audience with the parting words, “Thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through!”


women 2


Andrea Dargan, Hannah’s Ministry member and cousin of Shinaul-Billington, spoke to those in attendance about prayer and never giving up. She began her testimony by reciting, ‘The Serenity Prayer’ and went on to speak about surviving incarceration and broken relationships. Delivered and lifted up, Dargan is now celebrating stronger relationships with loved ones and 23 years of sobriety.


At her lowest point, she recalled asking God, “What happened to my mother’s daughter?” God heard her prayers, took her to another level, blessed, and sustained her. Now, Dargan says, she is not “practicing insanity, she is practicing being sane.”


Tonya DeFreeze is a woman of few words but she possesses a spirit that speaks volumes to the power of encouragement and the sustaining grace of God that flows through prayer. As the stepmother of Alianna DeFreeze, she and her family are experiencing unimaginable grief and sadness.


DeFreeze spoke about how the family is still struggling and at times it is really hard, but God is seeing them through. She thanked Hannah’s Ministries/Southeast SDA Church for reaching out their family and continuing to keep them lifted up in prayer.


sis. Cooper, Tonya DeFreeze and Kharinne Shinaul-Billington


Tonya DeFreeze was introduced to Southeast SDA Church through the prayer mission of Ruthell Carter and Gloria Walker. These women sought out Alianna’s mother, visited and had prayer with her. The women did not stop there. Along with Margaret Reed and Ethel Walker, they attended the funeral service and ministered to the family.


Many doors have been opened and opportunities to combat violence against women are evolving through one simple act of visiting, encouraging and praying with another individual.


women 4 

The luncheon ended with special recognitions presented by Kharinne Shinaul-Billington, who asked all women to stand and repeat a vow of encouragement to each other: We, the Women of Hannah’s Ministry Vow to God to Give Service to Women in His Name.


-Cecily Bryant

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