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Yours In The Planning Process
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jerome hurstHello Family,


It has been said that "the only degree of control that you have in this uncontrollable life is to have a plan." It has also been said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I am a firm believer in trusting the power and purpose of God to lead and guide my life. However, I believe that guided by God's Spirit, we can make plans for our lives and for God's church. When we intentionally place Christ at the center of our lives, our plans can come to fruition in ways that are powerful and effective.


Like many of us, each day I wake up and check my schedule to see the plan for the day. The way I dress, how fast I move, what I eat and how I exercise are based on the plan. When we set a larger plan for our lives in Christ, our worship, our prayer lives, our stewardship and our service are all a part of that plan. Trust me, having a plan does make a difference. This also appIies to our Study of the Word. If we are going to be effective and consistent in the study of God's word, then we need to have a plan. So it is...with your life.


So, "What's the plan?" What is your plan for this season of your life? What is your plan for the next phase of your life and for the duration of your life? Many people have retirement plans, while others leave what happens next up to chance. Some people make plans for the disposition of their final arrangements and resources at the end of life, while others leave those concerns to those who will be left behind. As for me, I would rather have a plan, even if it is not fully realized. I am always working on a plan for what's next, and I love the fact that along with my plans, God still brings twists, turns and surprises along the way. So, let's each take seriously the opportunity and benefit to developing a God-centered plan for your life. I promise, it will add sanity, clarity and blessing to the path that God places before you.


Yours in the Planning Process,


Pastor Jerome M. Hurst

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