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Mirage Production Drama
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mirage-4.jpgA mirage is an optical illusion created by the bending of reflected rays of light. A mirage is a visual phenomenon that creates an illusion of something that is real. Mirage Productions is a drama ministry that reflects the truth of God’s Word through skits, sketches, illustrative sermons, and full length feature plays. This Christian drama group ministers through thought‐provoking drama bringing light to Biblical and moral topics for people of all ages. Dramas are original and unique to Mirage Productions, with all pieces written by its director, Janviere Lavender.



The use of Christian Drama is a very effective medium to help people understand the message of the Gospel  and respond to it. The Bible is God’s script for mankind and Christian drama that is Scripture based reaches the heart with an anointing to bring salvation, healing and revelation.



Mirage is open to youth and adults of all ages, but its in‐reach ministry focuses on youth ages 12 to 18. Members  can opt to participate in weekly rehearsals and drama workshops or they may lend their talents for special events, such as full‐length feature plays. No experience is needed to be a member of Mirage Productions  ministry. All members should come with an open and willing heart.



Mirage Productions uses a variety of dramatic presentations, all written for a specific audience. Acting, singing,  dance, mime, preaching are all incorporated into most full‐feature plays and sketches. Monologues, human videos, skits, sketches, interpretive dance, and full feature dramatic productions are our modes or presentation.



Mirage talents are used to minister at various types of events. Audiences vary from teen youth groups, church congregations, or young children. Some examples include:

  •  Divine Worship illustrated biblical themes
  •  Biblical Holidays (Christmas and Easter plays)
  • Children’s Story Hour (Sabbath 11:00 dramatizations
  • Adventist Youth Society (Sabbath youth service)
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Workshops & Drama Ministry Training
  • Conferences, Retreats, Outreach & Evangelism
  • Special Requests (weddings, memorial services, etc.)

For additional information Mirage Productions contact Janviere Lavender

Southeast Seventh-Day
Adventist Church

16602 Tarkington Ave.
Cleveland OH 44128

Office: (216) 662-3080

Saturday Schedule
9:00 am Power Hour
10:00 am Sabbath School (Bible Study)
11:30 am Divine Worship Service

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