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God Is Able
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jerome hurstHello Family,


Have you ever sat and wondered how you were going to make it in a certain season of your life or through a certain experience? Have you ever stopped to try to figure out how you were going to survive in a difficult situation or time of trouble? If you have (and most people have), then here is the answer to your problem. Just remember that God is able. If there is one thing that I have learned in the adversities of life-it is that when I can't-God can.


On our own, we cannot figure out or work out some of the problems and the situations that we are going through, but God can. If we would but review our journey with God, we will clearly see that in the midst of all of our challenges, God was always there. God never leaves us or forsakes us. And when we come before a problem that is far beyond our capabilities, God has the ability to handle it. All that we must do is acknowledge that God is able and then ask God to show us the way. Not to do it for us...but to show us what God would have us to do in the specific situation. Then do what God says. 


There is no circumstance, situation or condition in your life that you and God cannot handle. Remember, God is able!

With trust in God,


-- Pastor J. M. Hurst

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