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Journey Ministries
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Journey Ministries, a 16-member choir from Andrews University traveled to Northeast Ohio to minister at Southeast on April 1, 2017. Journey Ministries, by its own description, is more than a choir – they “believe in service.”


Prior to traveling to Southeast, the group spoke to Pas-tor Jerome M. Hurst about their Operation Student Care Program, which consists of making care packages. The group asked Pastor Hurst what could they do to help. Three Southeast families had already been identified to receive assistance and when Journey Ministries arrived, they brought three care packages with them to distribute to those families. According to choir director, Marguerite Samuel, “We not only give us lives in music, but in service.”


The very diverse group, which boasts members from locations ranging from Chicago to Zimbabwe, performs classical, old Negro-type spirituals delivered primarily acapella. Journey Ministries truly blessed the congregation of Southeast with their beautiful renditions of church favorites such as “Wait on the Lord” and “I’ve Got a Home On the Other Side.” -


-Cecily Bryant

Photography: Wienel Vanbrook

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