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I-X Center Indoor Amusement Park
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Thank you Southeast Children’s Ministry Department for sponsoring a social event at the I-X Center Indoor Amusement Park, April 10, 2016. Everyone came out of hibernation, braved the cold weather and had a wonderful time. Approximately 75 adults and children took advantage of this awesome opportunity to fellowship and enjoy each other while eating, snacking, walking around the park and riding the fantastic rides.


Due to the typical weather in our region and because most people stay indoors during the winter months, they are ready for an opportunity to enjoy amusement park rides. This event provides an atmosphere of being at an amusement park, such as Cedar Point, however, bringing that indoor-outdoor level of enjoyment by providing carnival type rides and food to get you into the frame of mind for summer time excitement. Visiting celebrated museums of Cleveland, such as the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Museum are exciting, but children want to get their adrenaline to rise by jaunting around on noisy, spinning and upside down rides, after having been sheltered during the winter months.


--Denise Brooks

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Speaker: Pastor Jerome Hurst Saturday, Apr 27 @ 11:30 AM
Sign Language Class and Choir Tuesday, Apr 30 @ 6:30 PM
Prayer Meeting Wednesday, May 1 @ 6:30 PM
Speaker: Pastor Jerome Hurst Saturday, May 4 @ 11:30 AM

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