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In Times Like These
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jerome hurstHello Family,


In these days when we see so much pain and so much suffering in our nation and so much senseless death all around us, we need a place to which we can run...a rock to which we can cling, as we face the real time horror stories that unfold before our very eyes. What can we do when we are gripped by fear and when our hearts are filled with pain by the unfathomable loss of life that happens over and over again in our land? Charles Tindley describes times like these, in his hymn "Someday", with these words, "Harder yet may be the fight, right may often yield to might. Wickedness awhile may reign, Satan's cause may seem to gain. There is a God that rules above, with hand of power and heart of love. If I am right, He'll fight my battle, I shall have peace someday."


Tindley's words offer us help and hope for times like these. What we need in these times is the encouragement that comes from God's word. For, the Bible teaches us that, "Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning." We must remain faithful to God, ever leaning on God's word and trusting God to guide our footsteps. We must not sit idly by as evil continues to gain a foothold in our world and in our lives. We must become God's foot soldiers for justice and do whatever is necessary to bring that peace that Tindley spoke of in his hymn.


What are you doing to bring about peace, justice, joy and love in our world today? What role are you playing to counteract the evil that seems so pervasive in our society? Remember these words from 1 John, "He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world." You have within you the power to overcome evil. So stand up for what you know is right and true. Resist evil and oppression and spread love and peace in times like these.


With peace and perseverance,


-- Pastor J. M. Hurst

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