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jerome hurstHello Family,


Have you ever stopped to think about how complicated your life is? I like to describe it as having "lots of moving parts." We have multi-layered relationships with people. We are different people in different places. One person on the job, another at home, another at church and yet another around our friends. We have lives and people in our lives that we work hard to keep separate. All of this, as a friend of mine would say, is "crazy making." The confusion of trying to keep all of these balls in the air at once is dizzying and exhausting. There is no consistency in our lives and no authenticity.


In the Academy Award winning film, "Moonlight," the emotionally conflicted lead character, Chiron is asked the question, "Who is you, Chiron?" In our own way, this is the question that all believers need to ask themselves. Who are you really? This question is significant, for we live in an age when there seems to be much confusion about what is and is not Christian character and behavior. Many seem to believe that the only difference in a believer and an unbeliever is that a believer goes to church. If that was the only difference then the church would have no future and Christ's suffering would be in vain. Yes, we have much in common with the world, but if the believers are not a light in the world...if we are not examples that can be emulated...if we are not striving daily for a deeper and more profound connection to the Living God, then calling ourselves Christians is just a waste of words.


As followers of Jesus Christ, we must work daily to simplify our lives so that there is more room in them for Jesus. We cannot and must not begin to believe that our busyness is in anyway an example of Godliness. In fact, author and Pastor Bill Hybels suggests in his book "Too Busy Not to Pray" (which I highly recommend) that "busyness is akin to worldliness." Simplicity, on the other hand, is a spiritual discipline to be sought by those whose example is the Man of Nazareth.


Let's work to simplify our lives by removing those things that are not of God and filling our lives with God's presence. The more time you spend in prayer, study, meditation reflection, service, generosity and worship, the simpler and more beautiful your life will become. Start today! Start now!


In humble submission,


Pastor Jerome M. Hurst

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